Oh! Me so Furry.

So I have been trying to keep this blog strictly about Maitreya body style and fashion. BUT, I realized I have a lot of other Mesh bodies that I want to bring forth to light and what better way to do that then use the ‘Me’ part in this blog title to showcase the other parts of well.. Me! 😀 I hope you enjoy.

Normally I would say you can find the rest of my Body info in my ‘About’ section, but that is not the case this time around. Make sure to check out below for all the info!


Body & Add On’s:

  • Kemono Mesh Body v.1.13.2 by <Utilizator> (On Marketplace, link included)
  • [Black Heart] UTI Kemono Hella Hips now a Legacy Item (On Marketplace, link included)
  • Rei’s Stuff, Rei’s Chest for Kemono (On Marketplace, link included)
  • glutz Kemono Beans // hand paws (On Marketplace, link uncluded. Can also be found in Main Store)
{MC} ‘Dat Ass Doe’


  • Wretch Kemono Ruffle Skirt – hella hips (On Marketplace, link included, can be found in Main Store as well)
  • Wretch Kemono Panties w/ vibrator (can be worn without)- Hella Hips (On Marketplace, link included, can be found in Main Store as well)
  • {Mary Cakes} ‘Dat Ass Doe’- Explicit Panties Mod for Wretch Kemono Panties (Located @ the In-world Main Store)
  • glutz Hussy Halter v1.1 – works with Rei’s Chest (On Marketplace, link included, can be found in Main Store as well.)  Main store is pretty rad, has MM boards, Games for hanging out as well as a ton of FREE Group Gifts. Group is FREE to join, get the link by clicking HERE.
When your Top & Panties are clickable … Oo Rawr 😉


  • Aii The Ugly & Beautiful –> Holy Devil Gold Head Piece  (1K Followers on Flickr FREE Group Gift @ Main Store) Group is FREE to join get the link by clicking HERE. 
  • ALTAIR Feline Familiar Brown Ears (Fatpack w/ Color hud is a Group Gift, group fee is 99L. There are more Group Gifts at the Main Store so check them out!)
  • Aii The Ugly & Beautiful –> Black + Lucid Dreamer Hair non-rigged (2K Followers on Flickr; FATPACK  of Hair. FREE Group Gift @ Main Store)
  • Cat Cult Inc. Flexi Whiskers for Kemono (FREE on Marketplace, link included)
  • V!V Bad Dog Collar & Cuffs (On Marketplace, link included. . also it appears I am due for an update… -whistles as she heads for the store-)
  • [NI.JU] Var1cose Piercing Gold & Silver (FREE Group Gift @ Main Store)
  • Kemono Eye Mod by Kawaii Kitties “Steel -RARE” (75L Gacha played @ Current round of AniMay Gacha Fair open from now until May 30th)



  • Project Puppet Poses – So Hot Pose Pack (I got these as a Gift, but they’re now on Marketplace, link included)
  • Overlow Poses – Pack Gift 5 (FREE gift on Marketplace, link included)



Hannibal’s Playground

“Come hangout, chat, or play games. All Welcome. NO Child Avis.” [Bare, woohoo,furries,furry,anthro,anime,yiff,kink,yaoi,hentai,sub,dom,chill,cuddle]


Extras: So I have been fiddling around with Gyazo and I am not really fast nor good at it but I wanted to show you all a bit of what the Top & Bottom can do. In time I would love to show off this AO of mine because I think its purrfect for any kitty out there. =^_^=

Top: **Click me to see the Naughty Top Secrets**

Bottom Part 1: Click me to see the panties Part 1

Bottom Part 2: Click me to see the panties DROP Part 2


2 Comments Add yours

  1. jezzyjezy says:

    Super cool top and panties! Love love LOVE it!


    1. Thank you so much, I thought so too. I enjoyed how they were interactive.


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