The Killer Whale

I will get back to my human ways within a day or so but until then yall will have to suffer for a little bit longer. So many cool things for the Furry Avatar Community are going on lately from new shopping locations opening to new nightclubs with pretty banging DJ’s.

Tonight I saw a DJ at a furry club wearing one of the Clothing Mods I made for a Kemono Gacha Event.. My night was made more then you know. ^_^

Normally I would say you can find the rest of my Body info in my ‘About’ section, but that is not the case this time around. Make sure to check out below for all the info!


Body & Add On’s:

  • Kemono Mesh Body v.1.13.2 by <Utilizator> (On Marketplace, link included)
  • Rei’s Stuff, Rei’s Chest for Kemono (On Marketplace, link included)
  • AMBIX :: Orca [Natural] Skin Mod w/ Orca Dorsal Fin & Orca Tail included (Won on a Lucky Chair @ the in-world store, but it is also for sale within the shop)



  • Fujiwara’s World [FW] FliFlop Kemono Green Gacha (Played @ past round of AniMay Gacha fair, but it could be at the in-world store)
  • glutz- saturday shorts – Fits Rei’s Chest as well (On Marketplace, and can be found @ the in-world store)
  • [Kawaii Kitties] Eat out Sushi Mod for glutz Saturday Shorts (Can currently be found @ AniMay Gacha Fair until May 30th)
one of my mods I made


  • Aii The Ugly & Beautiful –> GreyBlk + Lucid Dreamer Hair non-rigged (2K Followers on Flickr; FATPACK  of Hair. FREE Group Gift @ Main Store)
  • glutz- gloomy paws for Kemono & Unrigged (Won through Midnight Mania Board @ in-world store. They can also be purchased here)
  • AMBIX Belly Ring Low (Won on a Lucky Chair @ in-world store)
  • Leo FULL PERM Fish Hook through my fin (Found on Marketplace, link included)
  • ALTAIR Pin “Notice Me Senpai” pink (Group Gift @ in-world Main store)
  • Deadlys Box Sushi Gacha – Octopus Blue RARE (25L Gacha played @ a new lil furry shopping center I came a crossed called The Hive, it’s the Main store for {Vixen} you just have to check it out! )
  • [NI.JU] Var1cose Piercing mint (FREE Group Gift @ Main Store)
  • {Vixen} – BAD DOG Collar A (Finally went and got the update for this thing and OMG the hud with all the textures for the collar part & now you can add your own photos like OMG so much yess!! This newest version can be purchased at her in-world main store)
  • Kowaii Kawaii- Light Bloody Tears Mod for Venus & Kemono (I am friends with the creator so I got this as a gift but they are available for sale on Marketplace along with a few other different tear mods, link included)
  • Kitten Spunk- Diva Lashes for Kemono (found on Marketplace, but also can be purchased at in-world store)
  • POMF- Normal and Cute Brows for Kemono (Purchased on Marketplace)
  • [Kawaii Kitties] Hearts Desire Gacha – Steel RARE (Currently @ AniMay Gacha Fair, Open until May 30th)





Wolf Haven Community – RP Optional 

First Furry Friendly RP sim I have found. Majority of the folks here are furry and I think thats awesome. They have the coolest RP hud system here that you can pick pocket people with, break windows to homes, pick locks to closed doors, kick them in, it prevents you from jumping too high, you get fatigued from walking town, you have to eat, rest and use the bathroom. They even have NBS phones here. If RP-ing is something you are interested in weather you are furry or not; this is the place for you to totally check out!

P.s. I took these photos in the sewer area.. which you can explore.. Ninja Turtles anyone?!

[Mountain, town, roleplay, first responders, fire, medical, police, rp, furry, human, all welcome]


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