Miami Mami

Women all a crossed the SL grid, if you haven’t heard of the Women’s Only Hunt then you’re about too. It features well over 50 creators and they are all offering FREE that’s right I did say FREE gifts. In every store listed for the hunt, high and low you will find small coconuts hidden about. Collect all of them an enjoy the numerous of wonderful gifts bestowed upon us Gals for the summer month. Event Lasts from June 1st til the 18th.

There are just so many cute things to even talk let alone blog about, but I am going to try to show a few over the next few days.

Normally I would say you can find the rest of my Body info in my ‘About’ section, but that is not the case this time around. Make sure to check out below for all the info!

Body & Add On’s: 



Red & Belle Bubble Girls [Check her blog out below for more great finds!]





  • Private home land, if you’re interested in using this space for photos please contact me here or in-world. Our land is open for those who are kind

Interested in finding out about more of the amazing gifts from The Women Only Hunt? Check out my sister’s blog here. She’s got even more of the latest 411 on the amazing gifts! .


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