Pizza is Bae

Hey folks, thank you all so much for following my newest blog adventure. Thank you for the likes to my posts and my flickr photos, it really means a lot.

It’s about 2am here and all I can think about is Pizza. ^_^


Normally I would say you can find the rest of my Body info in my ‘About’ section, but that is not the case this time around. Make sure to check out below for all the info!

Body & Add On’s:

  • Kemono Mesh Body v.1.13.2 by <Utilizator> (On Marketplace, link included)
  • Rei’s Stuff, Rei’s Chest for Kemono (On Marketplace, link included)
  • Venus Anime Head -Ears on Pointy Mode-  by <Utilizator> (On Marketplace, link included)

Pizza Junky4b_001


  • glutz Hussy Halter v1.1 – works with Rei’s Chest (On Marketplace, link included, can be found inMain Store as well.)

You’re going to want to hurry to the Glutz Mainstore ASAP because June 6th kicked off the stores 6.6.6 Hunt! “A Devilishly challenging storewide hunt. Find six items for only six linden each.” One thing though, she’s made it completely cheat proof. So when you struggle finding one… you spend an hour at the sim trying to not give up… like I did. XD

The one thing that I found interesting though was that we didn’t get to pick and choose which hunt item we wanted to purchase, since none of them are labeled, and they are through caspervend scripts. I was only wanting 2 items but had to purchase all 6 in order to find them.  I am glad that was the case; because they are all really growing on me and I actually made this entire look based off most the hunt items I hunted down today.

  • Kemono Shorties! by Critters Junk (On Marketplace, link included)
  • glutz – Penta Panties w/ texture changing hud (FREE Group Gift @ In-world Main store) I have mine set to the texture that reads,” Eat Pizza & Hail Satan” \m/



-Glutz Hunt Prizes I am wearing-

  • glutz – devil navel piercing
  • glutz – hend flapper wings
  • glutz – heart of spades tail
  • glutz – penta collar
  • glutz – penta nose piercing

There is one more and you can see the sneak peak for that through her flickr linked above!

  • The little bat – Cross Horns (Either is a Group Gift or something won on the Lucky boars / MM Boards @ In-world Main store)
  • {Aii} The Ugly & Beautiful – Underarm Webs (Was a Gift from a past Fair)
  • glutz kemono thigh tattoo beta (Won on Midnight Mania Board, @ In-world Store)
  • A&Y Aeon Hair 2 – Black (On Marketplace, link included)
  • REIGN X FLITE- Classics Halloween Shoe (2015 Halloween Gift @ In-world Main store)
  • Avatar 2.0 Claws (On Marketplace, link included)
  • Silver Spider #4 (Was a Gift from a past Fair)
  • [Pixels] Candy Tongue [Pinkurp] (Gacha from a past Fair)
  • BadUnicorn Black Ear Gauges – Size Large (1L Gift on Marketplace, link included)
  • Cyano M3 Venus – Sculpted Brows (On Marketplace, link included)
  • [parfait] KITTEN Eyes for M3/ Kemono1 FATPACK ( Purchased @ In-world Main store)

So now that I’ve shown you my fancy satanic demon b!tch look.. you should stop what you’re doing and totally head on over for the hunt! It ends the ending of June!


  • FieraOcity – Zombina Pose (it appears she no longer has a store in SL; which is very sad news)


Mynx Legend & The Chill Box

“Mynx Legend and the Chill Box moved here! Furry mods for the kemono, M3 Venus head and M3 Anime Head. Also a few eye mods for the Solarian. A few outlets that sell hotdogs, TWI fox mods and more!”

When I first made my Kemono a year and uhh 6 months ago Mynx legends skins were everywhere, I always wanted to go to her Main store but could never seem to find it. Well tonight I did! I have to say I freaking love this hangout, its all Cyber themed and dark and the view is of a stunning snow storm, sorta reminds me of Star Warz. I do believe this is my new hangout spot for when I blog. 😀




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