Orchestra in my head

Lets talk Epiphany shall we? It opened early on July 15th at 10pm slt for those of us in the REIGN Shoe group. I wasn’t one of the few to pile in at that hour, instead I waited until today. My sister and I braved the sea of bodies and got into the event easy thanks to our Get Me In Huds! Then my sister made the best discovery ever, all around Epiphany at most of the creators booths, were golden boxes containing FREE Gifts! So don’t forget to scoop those up for yourself while you’re there shopping around.

So many amazing Events started on the 15th like Origami, the Japanese Horror Event. ❤ That is my favorite event but shhh don’t tell the others. 😉

i made it_001
When I made my way into the event! Lag wasn’t bad at all. 😀

If you don’t already have the Landmarks to get into Epiphany, don’t worry I got you.

The Epiphany – Off Sim Shopping  & Inside the Epiphany

As always you can find my Body information in the‘About’ Section of my blog.


  • Pixicat – Thorn Mini Dress & Shibari Rope – Black for Maitreya (50L a play @ the current round of Epiphany. Comes with a Color HUD for the Rope. Slink Hourglass is the only other available size for this gorgeous dress!)



  • Mignon – Little Doll Cafe Knee High Socks (FREE Gift @ The Epiphany, colors White, Black, & White & Black Stripe)
  • Axix – Mouth Chain & Bells (FREE Gift @ The Epiphany)
  • Analog Dog – Sardine FATPACK  (FREE Gift @ The Epiphany)
  • Caboodle – Shabby Ring (Comes in Blue, Green & Pink.FREE Gift @ The Epiphany)
  • Izzie’s – Flower Earring (Comes with Color changing HUD, FREE Gift @ The Epiphany)
  • Minimal – Barrow Bracelet Pink & Gold  (FREE Gift @ The Epiphany)
  • Tentacio – Violin  (FREE Gift @ The Epiphany)
  • JUMO – Classy Lips (Past FREE Gift @ The Instruments Anniversary)



  • RH – Kiri Tansu – Kimono Drawer  (FREE Gift @ The Epiphany)




“Live, Work, and Roleplay in a community based on a small town in Pennsylvania. Positions open for many different RP roles. School Teacher, Student, Attorney, Criminal, Police, Doctor, Nurse, Diner, Pizza, Family, Pool, Club, Dancing, Motel, [LIFE], Life Store.”

If you’re looking for a Role Play Community that is really friendly and run well, please stop on by and take a look, maybe you can become our neighbor! No seriously the house right next to ours is available for rent. 😀

P.s.  I am am looking forward to filling my new Kimono Drawer, full of new Kimonos of mine and my husbands. ^_^


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