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Ladies, for those of you who may not know, or are just starting to get into the mesh body world. REIGN an amazing shoe store has been kind enough to wave her group joiner fee, from August 2nd until August 7th. Normally her group is L$250 to join, but until the 7th it will be FREE! That’s right, I said Free. She is giving out the wedges you can see me sporting in the photos below, she also gives out other group gifts on occasion and I highly recommend joining while you can.

As always you can find my Body information in the‘About’ Section of my blog.



  • Blueberry – Mia Jeans in color Ocean
  • Shoenique – Cardigan (June Group Gift, Sizes are standard Mesh as well as Maitreya, Belleza, Slink)
  • REIGN – Hermosa V2 Wedges (Group Gift located outside the main store, these work with the following Mid feet. Maitreya, Slink, TMP, Belleza)



  • Damselfly – Unity Hair (Past We ❤ RP Gift for SL’s 13th Birthday)
  • Naminoke – Uroko Kanzashi (Flower hair stick) (Past Origami Hunt Gift)
  • MYNX – Owl Watch Pink Chevron (Past Womens Only Hunt Gift)
  • Catwa Lipstick Hud (Free Gift @ Catwa Main Store, located in a bag on the front desk)



*Please note if I do not list items that you see in the photos that is because they come from a shop that has since closed down their in-world and Marketplace store. They had a closing out sale last year where everything was set to L$0. I snagged as many plants and items as I could. The creator has since moved on to other things and I can not find anything with the previous shop name on it.*

  • Roawenwood – Fallen Tree Hangout, has adorable cuddles & single animations and for the low it’s only 5 Prims (I believe this is a subscriber gift!)
  • Zerkalo – Bedouin Campfire 2 prims (Gift from SecondLife’s 13th Birthday)
  • [PM] Pixel Mode – Butterfly Chair – Wood [7 prims]
  • [RH] Design House – 13,Kura- ZABUTON -Set A  [1 prim each] (L$50 a play for this Gacha, It is a set of 4 cushions with male and female poses, I love them so much. I’ve spent so much money at the [RH] store in the last day that I think I almost have a good chunk from each gacha there. LOL. . . I have a problem. I love too much from that store. ❤
  • [RH] Design House – Party Boat Gacha , Hakozen (Drink Tray w/ eating animations, male and female sits. L$50 a play for this Gacha located at the Main store)
  • Soy. – Reed Screen Sudare Curtain Set. I used the Mini Mat in Light. (I Purchased this on Marketplace, but it can also be found within Soy’s Main Store.)
  • [RH] Design House – Japanese Ice Green Tea (Touch it and it gives you a tea cup with drinking animation 😀 )
  • Trompe Loeil – Nesting Bed Worn Warm [8 prims]  (Common Gacha, I played at Past Arcade for like L$25. I know she has this Gacha within in Mainstore.)
  • [RH] Design House – Japanese House Nihonkaoku- Li is only 116. Size is 20m/19m.
  • Landscaping by FelixvonKotwitz Alter – Mesh Fairy Woodland Pond [13 Prims] 17 X 15m Size, Copy/ Mod. Price: L$ 395. I purchased this through Marketplace, but the in-world store is really something to see.
  • dust bunny – Amy’s Memorial Garden [4 prims]
  • LAQ Decor – Twin Birch Summer Animated [1 prim]
  • [RH] Design House  – Takebei Bamboo Wall style low [3 prims, at the sized I stretched them too] (L$50 a play for this Gacha, it is a Common and I played twice and wound up winning two sets. So I have 4 Low bamboo walls! Wootwoot)
  • Thickbrick Sleaford – Twinkling Shimmering Mesh Stars [3 prims] (I purchased these a year ago on Marketplace for L$199; after seeing them in Altair’s main store. They’re freaking gorgeous like I seriously think you all need them in your lives, put them in your bedroom, above a pond, by the fire. Use them and abuse them!)
  • Tomato Park Animals and Pets – 1 Prim Mesh 7 Kois (Feedable, Copyable. I purchased off Marketplace, for L$99. They are so awesome, I haven’t messed around with feeding them yet but I hope too soon.)
  • [RH] Design House  Kura Kawadoko (Streambead) Light RARE Gacha ( I played this Gacha for L$50 and wound up winning the Rare in Light. I was so happy my husband instead that we actually use this and not keep it in my Inventory. I am so happy we did. It’s about [10 prims].
  • air- string lights paper lanterns red (Super Cheap only L$25 on Marketplace, Link Included)
  • air – Light [2 prims] (Past Anniversary gift for Creators Collection)
  • [RH] Design House  – Kingyo Tana (Gold fish in wooden container) [3 prims] (Common Prize L$50 a play for the Gacha. I adore these fishes!)
  • [PM] Pixel Mode – Tree Swing [2 prims] (Past Wayward Hunt Gift)
  • [RH] Design House  – Kura Foxy Girl #2 [2 prims] (Gacha Played @ Current round of Epiphany for L$50)
  • Kalopsia – Bowl Plant Hanger [3 prims] (Purchased on Marketplace for L$50, super cheap and comes with two adorable hanging planters)
  • J-Mesh- Table Japanese Style 01 (99L on Marketplace, Link Included)
  • J-Mesh- Zaisu Japanese Chair Back Rest (99L on Marketplace, Link Included)




I love [addme] poses, like I secretly wish I could blog for them. I have like 9 poses from that shop and I can’t get enough of them.

  • [addme] – FG201602(Pose) Pose #3 (Past Creators Collection Gift, but check their mainstore they have a ton of group gifts and I believe this is one that is included!)



  • My house located in Catawissa Role Play Sim. My husband and I are opening our Backyard to anyone wishing to come and take photos or just enjoy some quiet time. Please be respectful when visiting not only this sim but our home, we’ve opened this special part of our lives to you all and are hoping others can get enjoyment from such a quaint little space. Please do stop on by for a visit here is our Home Landmark. 🙂

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