Looking into the crimson mirror

RC cluster makes amazing animated items. The role-play that can be had with these items can range from a teen taking way too many photos of them self; to a stay at home mom trying to make sure her hair didn’t get flat from opening the oven too many times while the turkey cooked.


As always you can find my Body information in the‘About’ Section of my blog.


  • Hilly Haalan – Sloane Sweater & Skirt Set (Right now HH is having a sale on this gorgeous professional fall attire. It’s only L$175, talk about a steal! It comes with an add on skirt to make it look longer & not to mention the color customization that can be had with all the pieces to this outfit. It’s only on sale for the week so I suggest you hurry on over and scoop this beaut up.)
  • #Empire – Cyclamen (Current Free Group Gift Heels. They offer such an old school T bar look, I adore them)



  • *PetroFF* – Watch Halloween in Red ( I scooped this bad boy up at Sanare for only L$50 and talk about a steal. It comes in Red, Black & Violet. Did I mention that it actually works? Yes, you can set this watch to your RL time; or just keep it at the SLT!)
  • -RC Cluster- Hello Pretty Mirror in Red without face animations (Currently at the Pretty Things Showroom Event November round. Colors: Black, Mint, Pink, Red with and without facial animations. So if you’re a mesh head user like myself you can just use your head animations 😀 )
  • -Secrets- Lotus Septum Piercing (Free Group Gift at The current Gacha Garden round)
  • PurpleMoon – Love hurts Necklace (With 4 metal tones)
  • -RC Cluster- Hello Pretty Selfie with Panda print (Currently at the Pretty Things Showroom Event November round. Colors/Patterns: Bees, Red, Black, Cats, Ladybug, Panda, Pink, White. These come with and without facial animations as well.)
  • Doe – Kitty Earrings in Gold (Free Group Gift at The current Gacha Garden round)
  • Iconic – Michelle Variety hair dye pack (Free or L$1 Gift Currently at 1 year Anniversary of Hairology! Don’t forget to scoop up all the other gifts.)

fluffdathur_001Click HERE for a gyazo showing how my mirror works! mirrorgal_001


  • -RC Cluster- Pillow Boyfriend – Rock n Roll Brad (New and at the Mainstore, Brad is the most cuddly boyfriend ever. He’s promised me we’re going to runaway together and he’ll write a song about me… or did I dream that? Hmm..
  • -RC Cluster- Hello Pretty Selfie with Panda print (Currently at the Pretty Things Showroom Event November round.)
  • -RC Cluster- Hello Pretty Mirror in Red (Currently at the Pretty Things Showroom Event November round.)
  • Soy – Metal Platform Bed (Adult, Currently at the Mainstore. Magazines are rezzed through the bed menu.)
  • ionic – Gizmo Kitty (Gacha, bought at re sale. Hoping it’s still playable at the mainstore)


  • Stitches – Love (NBC Sally Song, Free Gift past Trick or Treat Lane event. I can’t seem to find any information on the creators shop.)
  • Fancy Decor – Gold Circle Lamp (Free Group Gift at Mainstore, Group is L$250 to join, but do it if you can you won’t be sorry. The Group gifts are amazing and if you haven’t already done so I highly suggest checking out the Vordun Museum on sim.)
  • ~*Souzou Eien*~ Cabaret Stage without lights (Comes with lights, I wanted a dramatic feel for my bedroom and this stage most certainly gave me that feel. I purchased this on Marketplace and for the low price that it’s listed at, it truly is amazing!)
  • Apple Fall – Reading Pile (Gacha, purchased at Gacha Re sale. Hopefully it is still playable at the Mainstore.)
  • Lost Junction – Slumber Party Kawaii Kola Bottle (Extra bottle, previous Gacha at the Arcade. Hopefully still playable at the Mainstore)
  • Apple Fall – “iFall” Notebook 2015 (Free Gift, hopefully is still available for free at the Mainstore)
  • Little Llama – Autumn Candle Pumpkin Spice Scented (Comes with other Scents such as Falling Leaves, Apple Cinnamon, and Bonfire Night. Past Free Gift at The Seasons Story.)
  • Little Treasures – My Heart Wall Art ( Freebie on Marketplace)
  • Soy – Vanity Table & Flower Stool for Vanity Table (Currently at Collabor88 November round. I must go back and get the clutter, it’s so cute. The light on the mirror can be turned on and off, and both drawers can be opened)
  • by Dorian – Darling Cottage only 63Li (I truly love this home, all of Dorian homes are so low in land impact and the quality is perfection for the prices she charges.)


Location is my private home.



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