Fall’s trail runs cold

As my husband helped get me into the Christmas spirit by blasting songs on our TV; with a lovely fireplace background. I decided to sit down and write out some Christmas cards. A bit early I know, but most enjoyable for such a cold day.

As always you can find my Body information in the‘About’ Section of my blog.

#8 Fall's trail runs cold.



#4 Fall's trail runs cold.


  • [1st hair in photos] Magika – 01 Sigh
  • [2nd hair in photos] Doe – Lyric solid monotone (Gacha hair)
  • Yummy – Best Friends Necklace (Purchased from Marketplace)
  • C’est la vie – Cecily Necklace in Navy w/ Ribbon


#5 Fall's trail runs cold.


#6 Fall's trail runs cold.


  • Fancy Decor – Gold Cage Lamp (Group Gift)
  • Pizza box (Creator no longer has a store)
  • RC– Sleepy Traveler Airline Pillow – Green (New at Main Store)
  • RC- Spell Book for The Good – Green – Plain (Currently at 11:11)
  • RC- Spell Book for The Wicked – Black – Plain (Currently at 11:11)
  • RC- Season’s Greetings Maker (floor) (Currently at Whimsical)
  • RC- Holiday Greeting Card Decorative Row  (Currently at Whimsical)
  • Violetility – Fire Coffee Table (Currently at Cosmopolitan!)
  • Violetility – Autumn Rug [Pumpkin Spice] (Currently at Cosmopolitan, set of 3 rugs, all to die for.)
  • Violetility – Autumn Nest Chair (Currently at Cosmopolitan, texture changing for chair and pillows.)
  • [-AS-] Concept Inception (Currently at The Secret Affair)
  • [-AS-] + Violetility – Intramural Tinkerer  (Currently at The Secret Affair)
  • Violetility – Quaint Cottage (Currently at Draftsman)
  • Violetility – Snail Mail [Pink] (Okay this thing is cool you can actually receive NC Mail! Comes in 3 colors. Currently at The Lost and Found)
  • Shimmering Stars – 6x6x3 – Big (Purchased from Marketplace, they come in 3 sizes.)
  • [Fetch] Bleeding Heart Neon (FREE Gift, no group required, also has crystals neon sign)
  • [Fetch] Alien Neon (FREE Gift, no group required.)
  • .:revival: – camp stool (Past freebie)
  • [[RH]] TOBIISHI -stepping stone- (E) Moss
  • DRD – gg doormat pizza (FREE Group gift, comes in a pack with other doormats and area rugs)

#7 Fall's trail runs cold.


  • Curvosity – Early Holiday Shopping Pose Set #1 w/ bags (The bags texture can change up to 4 different ones. Currently in a new hunt called Furget Me Not. Interested in learning more about the Hunt, check out their website.)
  • Curvosity – Trying to be cute lay pose set #1, #2.

#9 Fall's trail runs cold.


Skidz sandbox, I grabbed a small island and set up my Christmas wonderland workshop.




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