Away we go

Violetility always out does herself, she most recently released an awesome bed that I am planning on making my daily bed in my room for The Coven event.

As always you can find my Body information in the‘About’ Section of my blog.

*NEW BLOG POST* Away we go.


So Pixicat celebrated their 3 year anniversary yesterday and let me just say they were kind enough to hold at one day 50% off sale. I freaking adore Pixicat and ran to the shop immediately to scoop up some items I have been googling over for awhile. I am much appreciative to Pixicat for having such a sale and Happy Anniversary!!

  • Pixicat – Sailor Body in Black
  • Pixicat – Sailor Skirt in Red with Sailor Belt
  • fri – Dottie Sneaks in Lace with Socks

*New Blog Post* Away we go


  • PetroFF – MK Female Watch (I can’t seem to find the correct in-world store, but these amazing watches can still be purchased from Marketplace)
  • Wasabi Pills – Tsuki Mesh hair style A
  • Evermore – Baxter Glasses in Neutral tone
  • theSkinnery – Passion Lipstick (Past TCF Gift)

*New Blog Post* Away we go


  • Stitches – Love (Sally’s song lyrics wall poster, Past Free Halloween Gift. I can’t find the creators shop or MP)
  • Violetility – Crone’s Table [Gold] (Currently at ‘The Coven‘ Event!)
  • Violetility – Crone’s Bed in PG and Adult (Currently at ‘The Coven‘ Event! To change colors of the wood, metal, gem and covers just click the bed, its that easy!)
  • Kalopsia – Kai’s Clothes Rack


  •  Zipi Poses (c) -“Lolita 2” ~ 2015 (Shop is only on Marketplace)

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