Bento & I

As some of you may know, I have taken a bit of a back seat when it’s come to Bento things. While I have been really excited for such an improvement to this world, I wanted to see everything I could possibly see that would come out for Bento before I started purchasing anything. Let’s just say I’ve seen everything from bento balls haha to bento bodies. I have stayed loyal to the creator of Slink and she pulled through and released the female bento hand update on Woman’s day none the less!

My hope is pretty soon, someone will release a killer set of nails and rings… I am looking at you Puki. Do the damn thing! Because I can not be fabulous without my unnecessarily long pointed nails, mmkay. Don’t freak out but I am going to be trying something a bit different below with my blog post and I hope my followers like it!

As always you can find my Body information in the‘About’ Section of my blog.



Right now at the Liaison Collaborative, creators from all over are generously giving out some killer group gifts, from poses to clothing and more. Neve a.k.a. Cold Logic brought it with this adorable Spring inspired dress that includes a color hud with it.

  • neve- shifty spring (Liaison Collaborative Gift)
  • Reign – Mini Slips – Normal Set (Past 50L Friday Sale item)

New & Improved Bento Blog Post!


If you haven’t been to Collabor88’s new round yet, you have too! Exile totally brought it with their Cold Sky hair. Once I saw the buns I couldn’t resist and bought it immediately.

My sister was kind enough to pick me up a Commoner TidBit Band in Blue & Grey from the current round of the Arcade and let me just say, this thing is a blessing. It keeps track of your daily TP’s along with sending you notices of how long you play. Which I have to say I really enjoy. Of course you can opt to turn it off within the hud it gives you!

Check out this weeks info for my TidBit hud

User Data added to Activity Tracker HUD:
Daily Distance: 1525.414000
Daily TPs: 8
Weekly Distance: 12871.390000
Weekly TPs: 85

Pretty cool huh?!

  • Exile – Cold Sky (Current round of C88)
  • Evermore – Baxter Glasses
  • PetroFF – MK Female Watch (Only on Marketplace)
  • Commoner – TidBit Band / Blue & Grey (Current round of the Arcade)

I’ve been doing a bit of Bento AO searching and thus far haven’t truly found anything that suits me, RedWrath. If you have any recommendations for Bento AO’s please comment them below or on my Flickr Feed, I am always willing to check a place out.

Guys.. Slink released her female Bento hands on Womans Day and I could not be happier right now!


  • Andika – Amore mio Bento pose (Free Gift)

There is beauty in everything, even in death.



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