I put that ish on everything

Have you ever just eaten something so god awful that you didn’t want to be rude for not finishing it? Well now you don’t have to be rude! You can simply ask for some ‘Ketchup Forever’ made in Salchicha County.  Slather that bad boy onto anything that may just taste gross or yucky and all you’ll taste is amazing Ketchup!

As always you can find my Body information in the‘About’ Section of my blog.



  • Scandalize – Jana (Jeans, Top & Suspenders all included with a color changing hud for several mesh bodies. This item is currently FREE, all you need to do is walk into the newly renovated store, take a right and approach the group gift wall. right click buy the photo and BOOM you got it!)
  • Reign – Mini Slips, sloppy set (Fatpack, past 50L Friday item. Still available at store for its intended price)

*New Blog Post* Posing by the fridge


  • Phoenix – Fabrienne Hair
  • Ama – Sookie Bracelets, Ocean color
  • Bubble – Crystal Amulet Necklace (Comes with matching earrings)
  • KoKoLoReS – High Shine Nails (Omega and Vista appliers, FREE gift at Cosmetic Fair, just join the free group and walk around to grab this and other amazing gifts!)
  • Pink Fuel – Liya in tone Crystal for the Catwa head (Is my skin, which comes with a make up hud, I am wearing the Orange tone of Lipstick and Eye shadow)
  • RC Cluster – 1-2 StepAroo Pedometer Sassy Leopard Pink RARE (Currently at Bloom Springtime Market & Gacha Grove)

*New Blog Post* My sisters plate needed more ketchup


  • RC Cluster – Ketchup Forever (Eat, Have some, Rez, and Pour Long. Were used in my shots. It even comes with a Pour short version, and a Right arm poser so you can hold an item to pour ketchup all over! Currently at SaNaRae)
  • [NaNa – LIFE2] Matcha Tea Latte Kettle
  • Placemats – are prims that I slapped some textures on
  • [Life2] Nachos (I am unsure where these were purchased, my sister got them!)
  • Fiasco – Winosaur
  • [Brixley] Farmhouse Table II (Shop has sadly, since closed)
  • Bazzar – Forest Dining chair

*New Blog Post* Not enough Ketchup

  • All of the crates of food you see in the background are actually crops that my sister has grown using the Life2 hud system. The system is actually FREE now, gardening things cost. But if you enjoy the sims you will enjoy the Life2 system!
  • Tool Shed – Refrigerator Mesh kit, Full perm (Purchased on Marketplace, we actually have it full of our Life2 items that we use to eat and cook with!)
  • Chez Moi – Wall Blackboard Industrial Kitchen
  • {XO} Cherry Bomb -Dabble Dooya kitchen (I can not seem to find the creator or the Marketplace listing)
  • Life2 – all of the cookware
  • (Whoever made these, has nothing in their profile about their store) -Canard Shelves Clean

*New Blog Post* Is that all thats in the bottle?

— Second set of Photos —

*New Blog Post* City Hall Chillin

RC has been kind enough to offer all her bloggers a desk within the Marketing Team office! I quickly put in for mine as I truly hope to get some office roleplay going, and I hope to be able to come to my little desk and finalize my blog post like I am doing now.

*New Blog Post* My lil Desk set up!

  • TA Studio – Desk Chair (Only on Marketplace)
  • Maddiema – Grubby Office Desk (Only on Marketplace)
  • Centrocore – CentroCom A Computer (Only on Marketplace)
  • Merwok – Office Phone (Only on Marketplace)
  • RC Cluster – Yard Signs, Love your Neighbor  & Rainbow Heart (These and tons more at the Gacha which is currently at N21)
  • Lip Service: Doefoot Mug (Purchased at a past Art Gallery Gift shop, not available anywhere else)
  • Fancy Decor– Potted Succulent (Group Gift, Group is 250L to join)
  • RC Cluster– New You Self Help Books – Stack for Table
  •  MishMish – Ceramic Friend Oil Diffuser
  • Schadenfreude – Blossom & Crystal Grid

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  1. jezzyjezy says:

    So you saying my nachos are nasty sis?!! ahahahaha


    1. bahaha yass they are superb…with ketchup. >..> lmao


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