Plant life like Poison Ivy

May the 4th be with you all! I’ve currently moved out of my previous location and have been crashing at my work desk. On top of that, I decided since I now have a crap ton of free time, to begin growing my in office plants. They are bountiful with Sausage fruits that are so tasty you can’t get enough of them.

As always you can find my Body information in the‘About’ Section of my blog.


  • Scandalize – Jana (Jeans, Top & Suspenders all included with a color changing hud for several mesh bodies. This item is currently FREE, all you need to do is walk into the newly renovated store, take a right and approach the group gift wall. right click buy the photo and BOOM you got it!)
  • Reign – Platform Sandals V2 (Past 50L friday item, currently for sale at Main store for the original price)
  • Tamagosenbei – Green Puffy Jacket (Currently at The Gacha Garden! I played this machine quite a few times and got so many amazing things, like I am considering going back and playing it again. Also don’t forget to scoop up the amazing gifts that are there as well! )

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  • KoKoLoReS – High Shine Nails in Burgundy tone (Omega and Vista appliers, FREE gift at Cosmetic Fair, just join the free group and walk around to grab this and other amazing gifts!)
  • Birth – 3rd Gen Catwa Eye Makeup – Blossom Set #1, Color Pastel Purple
  • Jullytobe – Lipstick Blood Mary in Lighter Purple Tone (comes with Catwa and Omega appliers. I do not believe this store is around anymore)
  • Mons – Septum Ring Style 60 in Gold (Current in-world Group Gift at the Main store)
  • Junbug – Crystal Acorn Choker in Forest tone (Past Free item somewhere, I wonder if she has it available at her main store)
  • Supernatural – Agatha Fatpack, ton Green Gold (Current Freebie item at  The Gacha Garden!)
  • Evermore – Baxter Glasses in Neutrals
  • Exile – Rising Tides (Purchased during the hair sale, hopefully she still sells this messy yet done up hair style in her newly renovated store.)
  • Mello – Star Freckles in Dark tone (Works with Omega and Catwa, freebie from I am unsure where. Maybe she sells them in the Main store as well.)

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  • Violetility – Head Nurse Headdress – Wearable (Currently at Momento Mori, this head piece would make for an amazing May the 4th be with you look! Along with a wicked Hanging Cage. If I ever get to meet one of my co workers here I might just have to stick them in it so I can get to know them. XD)
  • RC Cluster – Salchicha Seedling _ HappyMeats RARE
  • RC Cluster – Salchicha Seedling _ Dog
  • RC Cluster – Salchicha Seedling _ Cat
  • RC Cluster – Salchicha Seedling _ Mermaid
  • RC Cluster – Salchicha Seedling _ Bee
  • RC Cluster – Salchicha Seedling _ Parrot
  • RC Cluster – Salchicha Seedling _ Cow
  • RC Cluster – Salchicha Seedling _ Skull

All RC Cluster Salachicha Seedling Gacha items, the ones listed above and MORE seedlings, can be found at The Play Room’s current round!

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  • Maddiema – Grubby Office Desk (Only on Marketplace)
  • Centrocore – CentroCom A Computer (Only on Marketplace)
  • Merwok – Office Phone (Only on Marketplace)
  • RC Cluster – Yard Signs, Love your Neighbor  & Rainbow Heart (These and tons more at the Gacha which is currently at N21)
  • Lip Service: Doefoot Mug (Purchased at a past Art Gallery Gift shop, not available anywhere else)

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  • RC Cluster– New You Self Help Books – Stack for Table
  •  MishMish – Ceramic Friend Oil Diffuser
  • Schadenfreude – Blossom & Crystal Grid
  • Axiom – Gabrielle House (Currently only for sale on Marketplace, If you’re looking for a great starter family home, I highly suggest this house for the Land impact and the price, as well as how easy it is to modify)
  • What Next – House Plants Set of 3 (Rubber Tree on stand, Agave on Stand, Eucalyptus on Stand. Comes with or with out stands for the plants. Past 50L Friday item, still available for purchase at Main store under original price.)
  • What Next – House Plants 2 Set of 3 (Snake Plant on stand, Pothos plant on stand, Swiss Cheese Plant on stand. Comes with our without stands for the plants. Past 50L Friday item, still available for purchase at the Main store under original price.)
  • Static – Not so Deadly Arborium Excoecaria Cochimcinensis (FREE Gift at The Gacha Garden , click the plant and it will give you the history about it. How cool!?)
  • CLAVv – Flower Shower ground cover (FREE Gift at The Gacha Garden)
  • Apple Fall – Amelie Magnifiers  ( I was able to get this item, as well as the other Apple Fall listed items for Free at the Main store. Sometimes they place certain items for 0L and its a hunt around the store to find them. I am unsure if these items are still set to 0L, I will have to go and take a look around to see if anything new has been set to 0L!)
  • Apple Fall – Key Table
  • Apple Fall – Charlotte’s Pears

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  • Zen Creations – Pose pack Envy (Current In-world Group Gift, Group is FREE to join!)

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